"Scarier Hiroshima" where the United States again want to blow up a nuclear bomb

Reopen polygons, "mushrooms" the atomic bombings and the new arms race — Washington is seriously thinking about resuming nuclear weapons tests after a nearly 30-year hiatus. From 1992 detonation of spetsbatalona was simulated only on computers. What threatens the world, another American initiative — in the material RIA Novosti.

Nuclear tests high-ranking officials of the US administration and the Pentagon are considering as a means of pressure on Russia and China in the negotiations on arms control. The pretext was, as it has already happened, unsubstantiated accusations by the United States to other countries in violation of international agreements.

In particular, in April, the state Department transmitted to Congress the annual report, which said that Russia allegedly does not always notify Washington about the nuclear experiments, although the agreement between the USSR and USA about restriction of underground tests have to do this. Also the state Department has accused China's secret nuclear tests. American analysts are concerned about the violent activities of the PRC on Loverscom the site.

The Russian foreign Ministry does not exclude that the U.S. is going to withdraw its signature from the Treaty on the comprehensive test ban Treaty (CTBT).

"The scheme is clear: first, there are fictional accusations against others, and then preparing the ground for any obvious steps the administration", — commented on the statement by the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The final decision is still pending, but apparently to discuss the issue will continue. The initiative has already sharply criticized the experts, and not only in Russia but also in the United States. For example, the Executive Director of nonprofit Association for arms control Daryl Kimball called the move an invitation to other nuclear powers to follow the example of the United States and predicted an unprecedented strategic arms race.

According to the military expert of the analytical center "of Valday" Artem Kureyeva, atomic tests, the US not only exacerbate Russian-American relations, but are negatively perceived in Europe.

"Hardly even the most loyal partners of the United States, Britain and Germany — will support this, said Kuraev in an interview with RIA Novosti. On the other hand, such tests would allow Russia and China to improve their image on the world stage, voluntarily renouncing the resumption of any nuclear explosion."

Corresponding member of the Academy of military Sciences Sergey Sudakov believes that nothing prevents the United States to unilaterally withdraw from the CTBT.

"Any international agreements and organizations that slow down, according to Washington, the development of the United States, now simply does not need them, he says. — The United States withdrew from the INF Treaty, virtually terminated the contract start-3 — do not wish to renew it. Next was the open skies Treaty. The US withdrawal from the CTBT, Russia will have to take it for granted. In the West perfectly understand that the world is now arranged differently and can act independently. I think our next contract, which will be released by the Americans, will be an agreement on the weaponization of space."

Sudakov said that to prepare for nuclear testing can be very fast.

"There are two points on the map of the United States, where Russia under the Treaty on open skies has never been allowed: the Aleutian Islands and Hawaii, — said the expert. — In the Hawaiian Islands the United States are unlikely to blow up, but the Aleutian — may. Polygons have not gone away. In Nevada this is not a problem — even to reopen is not necessary. He closed entirely formal".

Recall that the United States in recent years, obsessed with its nuclear forces. One of the stages of the programme is to equip strategic submarines of "Ohio" with missiles with nuclear warheads with a capacity of five kilotons. Fourteen submarines Americans plan to place one or two ballistic missiles with tactical warheads. The new weapon is intended to equalize the potential with Russia, which, according to Pentagon estimates, a large number of small nuclear munitions. The us military now believe that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons in case of failure with conventional weapons. In addition, experts believe that small warheads designed to strike at non-nuclear countries.

Experts are convinced that Americans want to see less ammo will give greater efficiency. Nuclear bombs of new generation B61-12 reduced power will be stored in the European US bases. The main difference between the B61-12 version — special guidance system. That is from unmanaged "dirty" bomb has turned into a high-precision and guided munitions.

"The US is going to demonstrate to the world the modification bombs converted into guided weapons, — said Kuraev. The Americans experienced it in the last year, but without nuclear warheads. I would venture to suggest that it can go about its educational use as bunker-busting weapons, or even about individual test weapons designed to defeat deeply buried".

The agreement on a comprehensive nuclear test ban is valid from 1996. It was signed by over 180 States. However, not all have ratified, including the United States. So actually Washington's hands are untied.

"A contract, in fact, stillborn, says Kuraev. — Israel and the United States has not ratified, and three new members of the nuclear club — India, Pakistan and North Korea — simply did not sign. So it is not a Treaty but a Declaration of intent, a gesture of goodwill".

Interviewees RIA Novosti experts believe that the team of President Donald trump may use the rhetoric of nuclear explosions in the election campaign.

"The traditional conservative voters trump will take "a decisive position in the White house" very well, stresses Kuraev. — The white house will demonstrate to those who are willing to vote for trump, that operates without regard to international pressure and puts at the forefront the defense of the country".

The question remains, what exactly wants the Pentagon to simultaneously and to impress on the electorate, and to obtain practical results, which are impossible to calculate on the computer. Obviously, nuclear explosions, in Nevada or in Alaska will cause a wave of protests. The explosion in the Aleutian Islands near Russia's borders will cause another blow to the already complicated Russian-American relations.