The stewardess told the passengers behavior annoys most

The stewardess told what actions passengers most annoying the crew, reports the Express.

She explained that there were cases when tourists were confused flight. That is why the airlines are asking to check boarding passes.

Failure to do so may lead to the fact that the crew of the aircraft will be denied landing.

Another thing that SRA wants passengers stopped to do is to ask for help when placing Luggage on the shelves.

According to her, sometimes flight attendants get hurt due to too heavy bags.

Also Shrey explains that when she is at the entrance of the plane welcomes people with a smile, then waiting at least eye contact in response.

However, she advises passengers not to ask any questions as long as they do not rise into the air.

The flight attendant explains that although she may not look busy at all on a Board — its work, whose purpose — as soon as possible to get on the runway, so there are no delays.

According to SRA, it's just a few things that will make your flight more comfortable and help the work of flight attendants to be a little easier.