In Switzerland, during the day, revealed three new cases COVID-19

Only three new infected COVID-19 identified for the day in Switzerland, since the epidemic began in the country contracted 30 874 people, said Tuesday the Federal office of public health of the country.

According to June 2, a day in the country, there were three new infected, deceased no. Thus, the total number of cases was 30 874 people died 1657 people.

As noted, since the beginning of the epidemic in the country was held 400 793 test (1578 per day) to identify COVID-19, of which a positive result was revealed in 9%.

27 April in Switzerland, began the first phase of the withdrawal restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Was re-opened Barber shops, beauty salons, medical and dental offices, flower shops, flowers and household goods. The second phase of easing began on 11 may. Opened all the stores with a number of limitations resumed work restaurants and bars, partially lifted the ban on entry into Switzerland from EU countries. Since may 28 allowed the opening of churches of all denominations, to assemble in groups of no more than 30 people. The third phase will start on June 6, allowed a mass event with the participation of 300 people removed restrictions on restaurants, open bars, discos, markets, SPA, public swimming pools, as well as entertainment infrastructure. 15 June Switzerland opens borders with Austria, Germany and France.

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