Russia considers a stay in a U.S. prison Yaroshenko unacceptable

Moscow considers unacceptable the stay in the American prison of Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko and other Russian citizens on the background of the situation with coronavirus, hoping for a manifestation of humanism from Washington, according to the foreign Ministry.

As noted in comments on the Ministry's website, Moscow continues to monitor closely the situation in the United States in prison or under investigation by the citizens.

"In unabating pandemic coronavirus infection, they face a significant risk to be among the infected. 24 March addressed to the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on this occasion, was sent a message from the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, calling for the release from prison on humanitarian grounds for all citizens of our country. Reaction so far was not followed", - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Of particular concern is the fate of the pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who "was arrested in may 2010 in Liberia by the staff of the American Agency to combat drugs, subjected to torture". "Then illegally transported into the United States and sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges entirely on the testimony of a fake intelligence agents," - said the Agency. The question of his early release from the moment of arrest is constantly put in front of official Washington at all possible levels, said the Ministry.

"For this purpose, including was proposed to use the mechanisms provided by the Council of Europe Convention of 1983 on the transfer of sentenced persons. However, whenever the consideration of our requests was delayed, followed by no motivated refusal" - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

"For the past 10 years Russians faced with unacceptably irresponsible attitude to his health from the American authorities. He has a whole set of serious diseases, to which were added the effects of torture in interrogations "with addiction" in Liberia. Then he knocked out almost all his teeth, seriously damaged internal organs. To seek medical help now and if possible, only after repeated appeals of the Russian Embassy in the United States. The majority of requests to conduct surveys or complicated medical procedures simply remain unanswered," - said in comments.

This approach is very different from Russian, said the Agency.

"This approach radically differs from how the Russian side refers to the official requests for assistance, including medical, detained or serving us the punishment for foreign citizens. One of the latest examples – a situation with conducting emergency surgery Floor Whelan who is versed in court. Previously it was proposed surgical intervention in a planned manner in order not to bring to an emergency situation," - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

"We believe that in the epidemic COVID-19 stay in American prisons as Konstantin Yaroshenko and other unjustly convicted and detained compatriots is completely unacceptable. I hope that the US authorities in the near future would show humanity and allow our citizens to return home", - concluded the Agency.

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