Over a hundred companies in the world moved from London to Amsterdam for Brexit

More than 100 large multinational companies moved from London to Amsterdam for Brexit, another 300 conduct appropriate negotiations with the government of the Netherlands, said trade representative of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands Andrey Makarov.

The UK left the EU 31 Jan. By the end of this year will last for a transitional period, during which the parties attempt to negotiate their future relations. At the moment, according to the statements of both parties much success in the negotiations could not be reached.

"The Netherlands is host to the European headquarters and production sites of transnational corporations. By the way, because of the factor of Brexit, this trend has increased significantly. Many of the world's transnational corporations have moved from London to Amsterdam. The number of such companies has more than 100, and 300 are in talks with the government of the Netherlands", - said Makarov during the round table "prospects of development of cooperation with the countries of Benelux in the period post-pandemic" was organized by the Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry (MCCI) online.

As an example, he cited the following global companies like Sony, Panasonic, Discovery, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Canon, have moved their headquarters to Amsterdam.

Thus, according to the trade representative, at this stage, Amsterdam becomes hub for Japanese companies.

"Moreover, we see that institutions move to Amsterdam. Thus, the European medical Agency relocated from London to the capital of the Netherlands", - said Makarov.

At the same time, the Netherlands are suffering because of Brexit losses, as economic ties with Britain form the 7% of the GDP of the Netherlands, which is a very serious value, said the speaker.

"Therefore, the factor Brexit, on the one hand, because of the uncertainty and collapsing chains of production creates losses for the Dutch economy, which is projected from 2 billion to 10 billion euros in the long term until 2030, it also creates new opportunities, referring to the relocation of large multinationals in the Dutch jurisdiction and the creation of new jobs, payment of taxes, development of cooperative ties directly from the territory of the Netherlands", - concluded the trade representative of the Russian Federation.