Authorities in Orenburg region: removed from the family, children remain in hospital

Four children removed from large families in the Orenburg village, remain under the supervision of doctors, and their mother and father went to Moscow for a TV program, announced in the government of Orenburg region.

Earlier in mass media there was a video of the seizures of four small children, the woman of the house in the village of Tulip Orenburg region. The footage, first the police persuade the woman give the kids, but then kids take it by force, and the mother is handcuffed. Police reported that children were taken away for medical assistance, and the investigating authorities explained that the house, which the family bought for maternity capital, in poor condition and threaten the life and health of kids. The Minister of education Alexei Pakhomov said that the removal of children was the only measure for the safety of the kids, because they lived in a dangerous house.

The Governor of the region Denis Pasler held a meeting on the situation with the family, during which feedback to the actions of the municipal Commission on Affairs of minors.

Refused family and from help, according to the head of the district, the municipality offered money to buy Pets. "The final assessment will give the members of the regional CLN (Commission on minors' Affairs – ed.) who now go to the village Tulip. To cancel the decision about removal of the child the court can only. Now the children are in satisfactory condition under the supervision of physicians, and their parents went to Moscow for recording television programs", - stated in the message.

"In place from tomorrow, will run the regional Commission. In particular, it will assess the activities of the municipal services that must work with the family. I am for the preservation of the family. To remove children from families only in extreme situations. If people do not have enough parental experience, means we need to help them, not to hurt the children. Of course, children need to be safe and to obtain all necessary", - the press service quoted the words of Pasler. The head of region has informed, the family will fix a special employee that will help in the creation of living conditions and employment of the father.