In the Kursk region in two villages recorded outbreak of coronavirus

Flash COVID-19 recorded in two villages near Kursk after the celebration of the jubilee in the village hall with a large number of invitees, a total of 34 people got sick, said the regional administration on Tuesday.

The outbreak occurred in the villages Malotice and Hop Fatezhsky district. There was 34 cases of the coronavirus diseases among the local residents.

"According to epidemiological investigations, the outbreak COVID-19 was the result of violations of the ban on holding mass events. At the village Council, as far as we know, celebrated the anniversary with a large number of invited guests, among whom were sick COVID-19. As a result, was infected 17 people and later the disease spread among other inhabitants", - quotes the regional administration chief state sanitary doctor of the region Oleg Klimushina.

He noted that experts of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor has prepared materials to the police about abuse in the district of ban on holding mass events.

According to the regional health Committee in the village Malotice all sick and contact at COVID-19 inspected a local therapist Fatezhsky CRB and are currently in outpatient treatment. "If necessary, ill pass the examination on the CT scan machine in the district hospital. Patients in serious condition there. Residents of the village provided with adequate medical assistance", - informed the authorities.

According to the administration Fatezhsky district, the employees of the two stores needed in the village Malotice are in the mode of self-isolation, so the outlets do not work, but the village is visited by mobile shops. Hop in grocery is in the former regime.

According to recent reports, in the Kursk region 3123 cases, of which 1453 man recovered, 13 died.

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