The Union supports the idea of introduction of the draft amendments to the labour code to the Duma in June

The President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin agreed that the bill "United Russia" on amendments to the Labour code (LC) can be made to the state Duma in June, this is a good Foundation that can be quickly modified.

Fraction ER in the state Duma prepared a draft law "On amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation". It provides a systematic processing rules remote operation, the availability of their application, the possibility of combining office and remote work. Earlier, first Deputy Chairman of the faction EP Andrey Isaev told RIA Novosti that the introduction in the state Duma the draft amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation is scheduled for early June. On Tuesday, the leader of "United Russia", Dmitry Medvedev said that the draft law is ready, the discussion is already underway.

Shokhin noted that the RSPP in accordance with the position of the Ministry of labor to enter the concept of the "combined employment". He also noted that some positions of the bill redundantly spelled out "exactly how the provisions of the Labor code, they can be safely sent to a labor collective industry agreement". "The bill (it is necessary) only to consolidate the basic rights and guarantees of citizens", - he said.

Shokhin pointed out that if the bill will be written to protect the rights of the employee, then the employer may want to register in TCS their rights. "In particular, to find ways of electronic control, all eight hours of working time the employee was in a remote workplace. And this is a violation of personal rights of citizens", - said Shokhin.

"Overall, I believe that the bill is a good basis, it can be fast enough to be finalized based on these key observations and in June you can make, in my opinion, the State Duma. Mean that the second reading is already possible and some technical, technical and legal amendments to make that will not carry fundamental character," he said.

Also Shokhin asked to consider some of the requests for amendments to the bill to make it to the first reading in the state Duma.