Putin will support the Governor of the Tambov region in the elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with head of the Tambov region Alexander Nikitin stated that it supported his nomination for a new term.

Putin on Tuesday had a meeting with Nikitin on video. Nikitin asked the President if he could count on his support on elections of the head of administration of the Tambov region.

"I already said that in line with the positive trends in socio-economic development in the region over which you preside recent years, and for some items, clearly ahead of average rates in the Russian Federation, of course, you have full right to apply for re-election", - said Putin.

The President added that Nikitin will have to prove to the inhabitants of the Tambov region, his steps are true, a calculated and effective, and citizens will make their choice during the voting in September 2020.

"I wish you success," Putin summed up.

In may 2015 the decree of the President Nikitin was appointed acting head of administration of the Tambov region. In September 2015 he was elected head of administration of region. His term of office expires in September 2020.