The court legalized the penalty to Voronezh, the capital threatening the judge

The Moscow city court upheld the sentence of a fine in the amount of 270 thousand rubles to the resident of Voronezh Mikhail Kvasov, who was convicted of Internet threats of the Metropolitan judge Stanislav Minin, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

"The Moscow city court upheld the decision of the Meshchansky district court of Moscow without change, the appeal complaint – without satisfaction", - told the Agency interlocutor. The hearing took place without an audience.

In early March of this year petty-bourgeois court of capital has appointed the man a fine of 280 thousand rubles, but they spent several days in custody, the sum was reduced by 10 thousand. Mobile phone brand Huawei, which Kvasov has committed a crime, the court decided to pay state income.

Under article "threat by murder, causing of harm to health, destruction or damage of property against a judge," Kvasov was threatened with punishment up to three years of imprisonment. Blame the 34-year-old native of Hungary was not recognized. As stated by his lawyer Olga'she, a resident of Voronezh did not intend to threaten anyone with murder, and in his comments was referring to an abstract situation.

From the indictment it follows that Kvasov under the photo of the judge of the Tver court of Moscow Stanislav Minin in social networks has left a comment, which "encouraged the public" to go to rallies. The man added that he intends to kill Minin and is not afraid of criminal prosecution. Earlier media reports suggested that Kvasova was delayed because of threats to another Metropolitan judge Alexei Krivoruchko.

Minin had been the day before interrogated in court in the closed mode. As later told protection Kvasova, the judge said he still feels safe. Minin explained that is not a user of social networking, about online threats in the address learned from the press service of the Moscow city court, conducting daily monitoring of the most popular network resources.

In the case of threats Krivoruchko took place Eugene wiggle-tails, Polovtsian Sergey and Alexey Veresov. SK the Russian Federation dismissed the case against the Polovets in connection with absence of structure of a crime, the wiggle-tails was sentenced to a fine of 110 thousand rubles, Veresova fined 160 thousand rubles. The latter was charged that on the page and in one of the communities on "Vkontakte" he was accompanied by a photo of the judge Krivoruchko threatening comment. The wiggle-tails, according to the investigation, left a similar message in Twitter.

Minin in September, prologo year sentenced the programmer Konstantin Kotova to 4 years in colony of General regime on the article about repeated violation of the established order of the meeting or pickets. Kotov became the second person in the country, has received real term for similar charges - the first was Ildar Dading, but in his case Supreme court the conviction was overturned. This spring, the court of cassation sent the case Kotova in Moscow city court previously recognized the legitimate sentence, for review. In the end, the appellate court reduced the sentence the cats to one and a half years in prison.