The accused in the seizure of the offices of Alfa-Bank asked for forgiveness from Buzova

A native of Russia, Alexei Baryshnikov, accused of capture of hostages in the Moscow office of Alfa-Bank, apologized to the Bank employees and TV presenter Olga Buzova, reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Maxim Kichigin.

Kichigin added that in the near future Baryshnikov will conduct psychological and psychiatric examination.

In the branch of Alfa-Bank on the street the Earthen shaft in Moscow on may 23, a man came in and said that he has a bomb and intends to blow up the office. The attacker was detained, no one was injured, explosives it was revealed not. During the interrogation, previously convicted Baryshnikov admitted his guilt and explained that the purpose of hostage-taking was to "know the truth". The court arrested him for two months.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the Federal bailiff service in respect of Baryshnikov opened 12 enforcement proceedings in different regions of the country, and its debts on them are estimated at 1.8 million rubles.