Lukashenko demanded from the mayor of Minsk and law enforcement order in the city

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded from the Chairman of the Minsk city Executive Committee Anatoly Sivak and from law enforcement agencies to ensure order in the capital, noting that "itching someone".

The framework is scheduled for August 9 in Belarus presidential election in different regions of the country are picketing for collection of signatures in support of nomination of candidates. At the end of last week, according to human rights activists, were detained a few dozen activists, including opposition leader Nikolai Statkevich, the works of Sergei Tikhanovski, whose wife is running in these elections, and their supporters. The interior Ministry reported that on Friday in Grodno the participants of the picket, including tikhanovski, was arrested for violence against the police, criminal case is brought. In Minsk the most massive rallies are held near Kamarouski market.

"I expect you to and from law enforcement a complete order in the city-hero of Minsk. In any case can not stop people to live," - said Lukashenko during a discussion with Sivak situation in the city. The President leads the official website of the head of Belarus.

The President noted that Minsk is a clean, comfortable, convenient and beautiful city, where there is an opportunity for family walks with children, a variety of physical education and sports. "But here is itching someone. So what's the situation?" - asked the head of state.

At the end of the report to the President Sivak explained that the recorded facts, when the goal is not collecting signatures in the framework of the Belarus electoral campaign, and provoking riots. "Natural demand (the President - ed.) - that the city was in order. The task of leadership of the city of paramount. Still recorded the facts, when the goal is not to collect signatures, but quite another to provoke unrest. Insults sound. This situation is under our strict control will continue to be monitored, actions are taken to prevent violations of the law", - said the mayor of the city.

Central election Commission of Belarus has registered 15 initiative groups to collect signatures in support of nomination of candidates, one contender later refused to participate in the election campaign. Registration of candidates will be held from 5 to 14 July. After that starts the period of election campaign. On Sunday the first Deputy interior Minister of Belarus Gennady Kazakevich said that the situation in Belarus in the period of the presidential campaign is heating up seriously, however, the Ministry has the necessary Arsenal of forces and means to ensure security.