In Spain plan to allocate to the recovery of the tourism sector billions of euros

The Spanish authorities will provide for the recovery of the tourism sector of the country more than 2.6 billion euros, according to the government.

In the near future the Cabinet of Ministers intends to adopt a plan for the recovery of the industry. "Until June 15, the government will adopt a plan to help tourism and related activities such as restaurant business, hospitality industry and entertainment", — reported in the Cabinet. Support will be 2.5 billion Euro guarantee lines of credit for liquidity provision sector and 151 million euros of investment.

The epidemic of coronavirus has caused enormous damage to the industry, which provides 12.5 percent of the country's GDP and almost 13 percent of jobs. Spain's borders are closed for foreigners, hotels and beaches don't work.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro sánchez called on the Spaniards to plan your holiday to spend it in the country, and stated that it will be opened to foreign tourism in July.

The drop in foreign tourism to Spain in March amounted to 64.3%, it was visited by just over two million people. In April, the national statistics Institute of Spain (INE) officially reported zero indicators of foreign tourism in the country. Last year it was visited by nearly 84 million foreign visitors.