In Damascus for the first time in seven years, opened the Russian center of culture

Russian centre of science and culture (RCSC) in Damascus resumed the teaching of the Russian language and music for everyone for the first time in seven years. In coordination with the Ministry of culture of Syria, the activities of the Russian cultural center is planned to start in all the Syrian provinces, told RIA Novosti the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in Damascus Nikolay Sukhov.

"Once the situation allowed, and the authorities have lifted the quarantine on may 26, the Russian center of science and culture, as well as all the educational institutions of the country, also opened its doors for those wishing to study Russian language and to study music. We continue to meet strict sanitary and epidemiological measures and security measures. Of course, we must not forget in what country we work", - said Sukhov.

The representative of Rossotrudnichestvo noted that without any advertising, through "word of mouth" has spread the information that starts the work of the Russian cultural centre after seven years of conservation.

"Now this is the most popular activity. Everyone we test, if this is not the starting level. Distributed in groups. We now have almost groups from kindergarten to adult business people who need to increase the level of knowledge of the language. Others come from scratch. There are very advanced Teens who write and read. These are most often children of mixed marriages. A generation that had no opportunity to learn at the cultural center, as seven years have passed since its closure, and for young people is a long time", - said Sukhov.

According to the Director of the RCSC, today teachers and time enough to work with the existing flow of students. No problems with premises for training. The center has and the training manual for training. However, benefits are not enough, as most of them are workbooks which when results students out of circulation. "It is worth noting that during the training of our teachers have completed a lot of work. They took the necessary for different levels of language manuals, compiled and made copyrighted material... Hopefully in the next year on supplies of the Federal target program "Russian language", - he said.

"Another remarkable fact that we do come musicians, including the Syrian, who studied with Russian teachers. They have the graduate school of arts there, where before the war he taught Russian musicians and experts. Svetlana Satta, she Merkulova - our pianist, she has brought top-notch musicians, and they have already started to work", - said Sukhov, asked about the preferences of the population, in addition to the Russian language.

In Russia there are already classes in piano, violin, flute, guitar and solfege. All lessons are in great demand. "It is evident that for us the audience watches the networks. There is a response and desire", - said the Agency interlocutor.

A major influx of students the leadership of the RCSC expects with the start of the school year, it is planned to resume work and drama school. "We have enthusiast, a graduate of GITIS, our compatriot, and from September we will resume our theatrical Studio", - explained Sukhov.

"We see all this activity in terms of the application, it gives children the opportunity to learn the language and join the music. First and foremost we see this as helping the Syrian people, specific people. Them to have the opportunity to develop, to raise their level, to broaden their horizons. During the war they were deprived of this opportunity. For them it is and raise your own value in the labour market... They need to evolve, and they came to us, because the authority of the Russian cultural centre, built up over decades speaks for itself", - said Sukhov.

According to the head of Rossotrudnichestvo, the work developed in collaboration with the Ministry of culture of Syria. In the course of negotiations the parties discussed the cooperation in all directions. The Syrian side, in turn, approved the plans of RCSC and promised to support.

"Based on these negotiations, we plan to further develop its activities in other cities. The idea is that on the basis of cultural centers managed by the Ministry of culture, to create cultural centers of the Russian forces Russian-speaking compatriots",- said Sukhov.

The idea of representation of Rossotrudnichestvo is to the branches of the RCSC was provided with premises in different cities, where compatriots could establish libraries and open education circles, said the Agency interlocutor.

"The Syrian leadership is well aware of the necessity of this step, as for the local community, it will be a big plus in development", - said the Director of the RCSC.