EP faction is ready to discuss amendments to the Labour code on remote

The faction "United Russia" is ready for broad discussion of the bill on the regulation of the process of remote work, said the head of the faction Sergei Neverov.

Earlier, first Deputy Chairman of the faction EP Andrey Isaev told RIA Novosti that the introduction in the state Duma the draft amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation is scheduled for early June. Isayev also said that the amendments would adjust the time of work, wages, provision of employee's workplace and the introduction of electronic document management.

Neverov noted that it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of workers and employers to create legal conditions for achieving an optimal balance of interests of parties to labour relations.

The head of the faction EP also added that while working on udalenke should not be stretched indefinitely, and stated the need to regulate the time when the employer can call and write to the employee.