The Federation Council approved the law on support of the self-employed

The Federation Council on Tuesday approved the law on expansion to self-employed people paying a tax on professional income (NAPs), individual measures of support of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This is primarily related to financial, property, informational, consulting, educational support, and support provided by "SME Corporation" and its subsidiaries. Regional and local authorities will have the right to provide other forms of support through their budgets.

The law should come into force from the date of publication. It will allow self-employed citizens to access the services of the portal business Navigator and SMEs to participate in training programs. The information provided to self-employed citizens support will be made in the unified register of recipients who will carry on.

The Cabinet of the Russian Federation has previously noted that the massive involvement of the self-employed in legitimate business activities requires a system of additional incentives.

Special tax regime for self-employed people, providing for the payment of the NAP works with 2019. Registration under this tax regime does not involve a visit to the tax authorities or any contact with the tax authorities - just install on your smartphone a special application "My tax" and enter your information.

Last year this mode was only available in the four pilot regions, and starting in 2020, the residents of the 23 regions of Russia can install on your smartphone this app and work legally, paying only 4% on earned income, if they work with citizens, and 6% - from legal entities. Other regions will be able to run this mode at 1 July of the current year. The decision of the regional authorities must make.