It turned out that is happening in the resorts of Egypt

Experts told, what is happening in the resorts of Egypt, according to ATOR.

The authorities allowed the hotel to start working from may 15, but only if a "certificate of health" and a maximum load of 25 percent. The country's borders closed, travel companies rely on the domestic market to, including, to practice all safety protocols for the return of foreign guests.

According to Egyptian media, of the 172 hotels in the country, who wished to pass "anti-virus" certification, it managed to make only 72 objects. In the last two weeks, as expected, they worked with a minimum load — she had not even reached the government-set limits.

Resorts in South Sinai, this figure was eight per cent, in the tourist area of Hurghada and 13 percent. But to avoid infection of the guests did not succeed.

A week after the resumption of the red sea resorts, in one of the hotels in El Gouna at the local tourist discovered coronavirus. As stated by the Governor of the province of the red sea AMR Hanafi, he found the woman who lived in a hotel for a few days. According to officials, the disease is "caught" with a thermal imager at the entrance to the hotel, the woman had a fever.

At that moment, in 42 hotels in the resort there were about two thousand local tourists. The Governor denies the cases of other residents and staff, and staying at other hotels with which diseased woman could cross on the beach.

According to the "certificate of health", in the Egyptian hotels are not allowed open buffet Breakfast. The hotels still claim that working on the system All Inclusive, it is recommended to arrange a comprehensive presentation. However, some hotels in Hurghada decided in the first stage to minimize the cost of food.

According to Egyptian media, the resort broke a kind of "food riots": customers demanded the return of the buffet. Several hundred people have even filed complaints with the Governor, talking about "scarcity" provide them with comprehensive power.

Was found a compromise solution: tourists who lack the supplied portions of the dishes within the set menu, you can apply for more.