Doctors told about the risk of irreversible effects COVID-19 for the body

Loss of smell recover from coronavirus can be irreversible, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing American physicians.

It is noted that many patients reported that it is not able to smell or taste even after other symptoms of the infection took place. About a quarter of the survivors noted that the recovery of gustatory and olfactory sensations took about two weeks.

In this instance the return to normal sensitivity has not been established because there are difficulties with determining the extent of damage to the receptors.

"Olfactory receptors that go to the brain and, in fact, are the most short path "commit suicide" to keep it away from the virus," said Danielle reed, Deputy Director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Pennsylvania.

Doctors indicate cases where the receptors had been ill and recovered, and suggest that the sense of smell and taste may not return to these patients.

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