In the Kaliningrad region has told about new cases of coronavirus

Of the 54 patients over the past day in the Kaliningrad region was confirmed as a coronavirus, nine came from other Russian regions, told reporters in the regional operational headquarters for control over novel coronavirus infection.

"In the last day in the field confirmed 54 cases of coronavirus infection. Among the cases, nine came from other subjects of the Russian Federation identified by the results of laboratory tests in the conditions of observation", - said in the headquarters.

Since April 20, all arriving to the Kaliningrad region through the airport "Khrabrovo" we need to respect isolation for 14 days from the date of arrival into the region: the inhabitants of the region, as well as those who with them live - in the home, living in other subjects of the Russian Federation and those who do not have their own housing in the region - in the Observatory. From 6 April, Russian Railways temporarily canceled trains between the cities of the Russian Federation and the Kaliningrad transit through Belarus and Lithuania.

Since June 1, has changed the rules of observation for arriving. Those who live in other Russian regions and are not registered in the Kaliningrad region, will now be required to pay the cost of staying in the Observatory in the absence of adherence to isolation in a different way, as well as to conduct research on coronavirus. Accommodation in Observatory is 2 thousand rubles per night with full Board, airport transfer and of the place of observation.

In the sit room said that among the confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the last day, 17 identified without clinical manifestations according to the results of laboratory tests, mainly is contact the family and workplace cases, 37 cases revealed by laboratory tests on the background of clinical symptoms, 22 of them diagnosed with pneumonia.

On June 2 in the Kaliningrad region for COVID-19 surveyed, nearly 54 thousand people. Identified 1607 cases of infection, 670 people were recovered (40 day), died 25.

Recent data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.