The court fined the inhabitant of the Orenburg region, which forcibly removed children

The district court in the Orenburg region was fined 500 rubles local resident for disobedience to the demand of the police during the seizure of four children, whom the authorities took away because of the danger of collapse of the roof of the house where lived a large family, told RIA Novosti in Dombarovsky district court.

Earlier media spread video forced seizure of four small children from the woman of the house in the village of Tulip Orenburg region. The footage, first the police persuade woman give children, but when she started to drive out militiamen, the children were taken by force and handcuffed.

The police RIA Novosti reported that the children were removed for delivery in the hospital to provide medical assistance. Law enforcement officers also reported that the woman was brought to administrative responsibility for default of duties on education of children. And the investigating authorities said that four children were removed on the basis of the decision of the head of the Dombarovsky district, issued due to the danger of the collapse of the roof of the house where the family lives. The children's Ombudsman reported that the future living arrangements kids the court will decide. The authorities described the removal of children from families the only possible measure for their safety.

"The Dombarovsky district court considered materials of administrative violations in relation to mothers of children withdrawn under the article "disobedience to a lawful order or demand of a police officer". Woman sentenced to a fine in the amount of 500 rubles", - told RIA Novosti in court.