Russian politician supported the law of state security Hong Kong

. Develop the PRC law on state security of Hong Kong aims to protect its own population from outside interference, says Advisor to the head of the faction "United Russia" in the Duma Mikhail Markelov.

"The law does not contradict human rights system. It aims to protect its own population from outside interference...It will give China the opportunity to deal with the intelligence community and the spy through Hong Kong and undermine the power of China. It is protection of its own interests," - said in an interview with the informsluzhby "Russia-China: main" Markelov.

Recall that the path to drafting a new law opened the Ordinance for public security of Hong Kong, which was adopted at the end of the may 28 session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives. It involves the improvement of legislation to combat subversive activities terrorism, separatism and foreign interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong, which is officially called a Special administrative region of the PRC the Hong Kong.

Markelov recalled that the need for the enactment of the law was long overdue. "Since 1992 in Hong Kong talked about the need for domestic law on countering American and British influence in its territory. This required the residents of Hong Kong, but the law was not adopted," he said. "I want to note that we have made so far, only the resolution and noise in the West so that China has imposed any direct laws that infringe on Hong Kong residents," the Russian politician.

Indeed, after the adoption of the resolution on security of Hong Kong, the Western media has accused Beijing of trying to "crush act" under self-rule until 2047 special administrative region of the PRC. The white house has already threatened to impose sanctions against certain Chinese politicians and cancel tariff preferences in respect of Hong Kong. West reiterated calls for Hong Kong to demonstrate.

"Strangely, when the Americans, the British and Europeans call for Hong Kongers to take to the streets and protest. It sounds ridiculous on the part of the French, who until recently did not know what to do with their yellow vests. It sounds all the more strange from America, where today there were bloody protests, riots, vandalism and looting," - said in this regard Markelov.

The same confusion was expressed by the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang, primary June 1, a rhetorical question: "Why the American side is glorifying rioters in Hong Kong, calls them "heroes", while calling the participants of anti-racist speeches in the U.S. "bandits"? Why the United States accused Hong Kong police of abuse of power, while threatening to shoot demonstrators on the ground?" "The American approach is the typical "double standards", - said the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

Commenting on the situation, Markelov stated that the United States will not leave attempts to destabilize the situation in China "even in the current situation, when they are burning the entire country." Washington will continue to intervene in the internal Affairs of China, finding this all new excuses, predicts Russian politician. "Recently the Congress has registered a bill H. R. 6948, which requires you to authorize the President of the United States to recognise the Tibetan Autonomous region of China as a separate independent country. That is, if in Hong Kong they have not, they decided to strike at other territories," - said the source informsluzhby.

"This once again shows that today the U.S. is not a government that recognizes the sovereignty of its partners. If the US sees a profit in it, they recognize the sovereignty if the benefits are not present and if the political relations are cool or even worse, the Americans are free to propose any law, to show who's boss," says Markelov.

In his opinion, in such circumstances Russia and China should "work together to confront external threats, which artificially created the United States today". In particular, he suggested the two countries increase the exchange of experience of combating interference in the internal Affairs from the outside. "Clearly an attempt to interfere in the internal Affairs of our countries from the outside. In the organization of many stock Western trail is clearly visible. This question relates to national security, sovereignty, our countries. In this light, it is very correct to exchange information, share experience in the development of legal theory and legal practice", - said Markelov.

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