In Astrakhan, two police officers suspected of tampering with evidence

Investigators opened a criminal case against two employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Astrakhan, suspected of tampering with evidence, according to SUCK Russia in the Astrakhan region.

According to authorities, proceedings were instituted against the head of the Department №3 of the Department of economic security and counteraction of corruption UMVD of Russia across the Astrakhan region and the investigator of Department of investigation of organized criminal activity in the economic sphere of the investigation unit of Ministry of internal Affairs of Astrakhan.

According to investigators in Astrakhan opened a criminal case on the fact of fraud. The investigator decided to falsify the evidence in the case, to exert psychological impact on the alleged suspect and the other defendants.

For this, he drew the head of the Department of DEB, who wrote the reports with false data installed on the witnesses and their testimony, said SK. Based on these reports, the investigator wrote the fictitious protocols of participation in a crime two local residents, they were illegally detained.

This fact was revealed in the interaction of investigatory management SK of Russia across the Astrakhan region with the regional office of public Prosecutor and UFSB.

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the region, on the fact of illegal actions of employees of management organized an official inspection. "Appointed to conduct an internal review in connection with the adoption of the investigative Department of the investigative Committee for procedural decision against two police officers", - stated in the message. If the fault of suspects is confirmed, they will be dismissed from the internal Affairs and brought to justice.