29 shift workers mine on the Kamchatka Peninsula confirmed COVID-19

Coronavirus was confirmed in 29 shift workers mining and processing plant "Amethyst" on the Kamchatka Peninsula, said in his Telegram channel acting Governor of the region Vladimir Solodov.

It is noted that the disease was able to identify before sending employees on mine, which is located in the North of the region.

According to him, currently, together with the employer transported the workers to the place of observation, where they will be installed follow. The acting head of the region noted that the state of health of people "normal, only two people with fever".

According to the latest data, in the Kamchatka region was 881 people infected COVID-19, including 49 children under the age of 17. 365 people were cured, 12 died. In intensive care there are 12 patients, including invasive ventilator – five men, NIVL is one, oxygen on the support of six patients.

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