The Director of "Yuzhmash" complained of losses due to the rupture of relations with Russia

Leading enterprise of rocket-space industry of Ukraine "Yuzhmash" lost 206 million (531 million rubles) as a result of breaking contracts with Russia. About it in interview to the edition strana.ua the General Director of the plant Sergei Voight.

Voight recalled that in 2014, "Pivdenmash" in cooperation with Russia, worked on manufacture of rockets "Zenit" in the framework of the international project "Sea launch" (Sea Launch). However, the project was stopped due to political differences between Kiev and Moscow, said the head of "Yuzhmash."

"We concluded contracts with American company, but the founder of this company is Russia, and without it it was impossible to make "Zenit", - he said. As a result, according to Voight, "Yuzhmash" lost revenues, which has led to occurrence of debts on a salary before workers of the enterprise.

"Sea launch" mothballed in 2014, when he was made last, the 36th launch of the Ukrainian launch vehicle "Zenit". The work was stopped due to the deterioration of Russian-Ukrainian relations.

In April 2018, the S7 group of companies closed the transaction on purchase of the property complex of the project "Sea launch", becoming the full owner of the floating spaceport. The total transaction, including the withdrawal of conservation is about $ 150 million. However, starting a business was not continued. In March 2020 floating cosmodrome and command ship of the project relocated from the USA to Russia.