ROC called anonymous channels in the Telegram a "new form of persecution of the Church"

Anonymous anti-Catholic channels in the Telegram are doing "media terrorism" and represent a new form of persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church, said the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Shchipkov.

According to him, the Church and Church-related anonymous Telegram-channels "just flooded the Internet space".

According to him, it is not about "open debate" and "direct pressure".

In his opinion, the authors of these channels are anonymous, because "they are afraid of the responsibility for spoken words". Also they have so-called fear of illegitimacy, that is, "fear not to be accepted by most Church people."

"If the person is anonymous - and talk to us anonymous, then anonymous can't be a part of the Church. And they claim that they are part of the Church. But how can they be part of a Church if they are anonymous, if they're ghosts? The Ghost can't be part of the Church," - said the Deputy head of the Synodal Department.

It is advised to treat anonymous channels "very carefully" and "not trust them". "If they want to be trusted, well, then they should, as they say in the famous film, "open your face". Open face, then we will be able to talk to you, we will be able to answer your questions, we will be able to ask you questions," said Pinch.

According to him, for him, surprisingly, even when "full open representatives of the Church, members of Church of the apparatus come into social media in direct dialogue with an anonymous figure".