The Russians again. Who benefits to accuse Moscow in the American rebellion

Riots in the US provoke Moscow, and the demonstrators attacking the police stations, strictly following the "Russian manuals". The allegations were made by former national security adviser, Susan rice. Instead of evidence it proposed to rely on her experience and intuition. Why the Americans are everywhere, imagining "the Russian trace" is understood to RIA Novosti.

Shopping centers in the Los Angeles quarantine. California authorities planned to open them in June. But it was first done by looters. Now the doors and Windows of the luxury boutiques are broken, all looted. The rioters carried home appliances, clothes, furniture, even food. Police helicopters tried to stop the excesses, dumped down water. But it is not cooled the ardor of the crowd.

The protests that erupted after the death of the African-American George Floyd during the arrest police, followed by Minneapolis gripped Washington, San Francisco, Portland, Miami, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Derek Covina directly the culprit in the tragic incident, was demoted, he is under investigation. But the protesters are demanding not just to punish the guard, but to put an end to systemic racism in the United States. "No justice, no peace! No arbitrariness of the police!" — shouted the demonstrators.

Many hand banners with the dying words of Floyd: "I can't breathe". Hundreds of people lay on the asphalt and repeated this phrase. But the peaceful protest quickly escalated into clashes, and then the riots and looting.

In large cities, declared a curfew — has not helped. In Washington, protesters surrounded the White house, tried to break in. In new York the crowd is showered with stones, and burned twenty police cars. In Portland, the rioters started a fire at the courthouse.

At first, many in the US sympathized with the demonstrators. The local authorities tried not to react to the provocateurs, called for police not to use force. But when law enforcement officers have thrown bottles with an incendiary mix, to endure it.

The Governor of Minnesota introduced in the state National guard to help military ran in Los Angeles. In the course went tear gas and rubber bullets.

"What is happening in Minneapolis is no longer associated with the loss of Floyd. Riots threaten civil society and inspire fear in our city, interfere with his life," explained Governor Tim Walz.

Donald trump responded even tougher. The President acknowledged that the death of Floyd is a "tragedy that brought the Americans the horror, grief and anger." But criticized the authorities of the States, not usmerava time crowd. He called protesters "bandits" who approved the use of force. And on left-wing radical groups has fallen with charges of incitement and called to ban them.

On Sunday, the security service sent the President to the underground bunker of the White house. To come out he could only after the threat has passed.

Pretty quickly in the riots "found" the Russian trace. "In the last election campaign the Russians were black activists. Do not rule out that they involved in the riots," — said in a live CNN New Orleans mayor Marc Morial. On the multi-year investigation which did not reveal Moscow's intervention in the 2016 elections, the mayor was silent.

After a couple of days picked up the baton, the former national security adviser of the Obama administration, Susan rice. On the same CNN she suggested that the protesters were acting according to the "Russian manuals".

"There are peaceful demonstrators. They oppose injustice and inequality. But there are provocateurs who are trying to seize the agenda of the protests. Experience tells me that they operate directly on the Russian collection of tactical schemes," said rice.

Switching to find "Russian trace", the American media remembered another accusation against Moscow. A couple of years ago in Washington claimed that Russian hackers support the movement Black Lives Matter. Its activists also opposed the tyranny of the police.

Discussions about the "Russian trace" criticized trump. The President suggested that CNN is doing this in pursuit of ratings.

Not silent in Moscow. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia "has never interfered in American Affairs, and is not going to interfere now."

American society is extremely polarized. This Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the Center for comprehensive European and international studies higher school of Economics, explains the mass character of the protests. The thing of value in the split that has intensified since the coming to power of Donald trump.

"The proportion of Americans profess liberal values, part — conservative. There are supporters of emigration, but many of those who support the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. Add the conflict of the globalists with the protectionists. Minneapolis reminded about the racial problem. The melting pot worked in relation to the white population, but black and could not become a full part of society," explains RIA Novosti Suslov.

Pandemic coronavirus, according to the expert, emphasized the vulnerability of African Americans. "The death rate from infection among the black population is much higher. This is most likely a consequence of limited access to medicine. To afford expensive treatment African-Americans are unable because of lower incomes compared with whites," says Suslov.

The search for a "Russian trace" the analyst associates with the unwillingness of the authorities to recognize the internal contradictions. "The American elite believes that the society is healthy. All spoil trump and Russian. If you remove the trump and eliminate the "Russian trace", then the country will return to normal. But riots in the cities show that this norm is long gone. Nobody recognizes the need for serious reforms," — says Suslov.

Speech by rice, the analyst believes, should be taken in the direction of the campaign. "We can assume that the former official plans to be in command Joe Biden, if he becomes the next President. And accusations of Moscow is a sequel to pressure Democrats to trump, who claims to act in concert with the Kremlin", — the expert specifies.

Suslov does not exclude that the victory of Biden will be the beginning of another "Russian business". "The Americans immediately accused Moscow of intending to influence the election. Now these suspicions intensified. Democrats in Congress can propose sanctions for riots in Minneapolis. Further — more. Biden even able to accuse Moscow of trying to destroy American society and can do this using one of the pre-election thesis" — predicts analyst.

But the search for an external enemy, according to the expert, does not Bode well neither for Russian-American relations, nor the international security system. Moreover, the attempt to use the usual ideological stereotypes threat to America itself: the protests are real, and the problems that caused the storm. And hints of the Russian track will not solve anything.