In the Belgorod region, a hurricane damaged the roofs of ten houses

A hurricane in settlement Northern the Belgorod region have damaged roofs of 10 houses, including the buildings, the authorities will settle homeless people, told journalists the head of the village, Oleg Kashirin.

A hurricane swept over the village at about 14.00. Social media users posted photos and videos as the wind blows the roofs of the buildings. In the air circling the wreckage, the wind breaks the trees and fences.

"About 10 houses counted – the roof is damaged. Damaged fences, fences," said Kashirin.

According to him, 8 out of 10 of the affected homes – multifamily. No roof left 32 apartments. "As people return from work, will be something to think about, to settle, nobody will remain without attention. Some people have already found a place to go," said Kashirin, zatrudnilisj to call the number living in apartments people.

The head of the Belgorod region Vladimir Pertsev said in an interview with reporters that the floods no one was hurt, and this, according to him, the main thing. All services worked quickly, the head.

"In the North of the urban settlements damaged by a hurricane. All services are in place. At this moment we are looking at what damage the hurricane on the territory of our district. There are questions that are associated with opening roofs, there are issues related to felling of trees, and so on. But everything is under control," said Peppers.

"The most difficult part – our builders have been ripped off the roof. It caused some damage. Today we met with the banks. We will do everything to be able to assist... I think this hurricane will teach us, and perhaps developers that still technology of building roofs, it is necessary to pay attention," he said.

According EMERCOM in the region, in Belgorod and Belgorod region were the wind gusts were up to 18 meters per second, with hail and rain. In addition to damaging the roof, the wind knocked down 35 trees. In the regional center from the fallen tree damaged four cars, one truck and three cars.