The government of Cyprus told what tourists be allowed on resorts

The government of Cyprus told, no tourists will be allowed into the resorts, according to ATOR.

Cyprus on the basis of available epidemiological data has compiled a list of 19 countries of Europe whose citizens can enter the country in June. The country is divided into two groups (A and B). The first group included 13 countries in Europe, the second – six.

The reception of foreign guests will be held in two stages. From 9 to 19 June, the tourists will have to have a certificate of lack of coronavirus. In this case the test must be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to departure. From June 20 the document will require only coming from the countries of group B.

The certificate will be required before boarding the flight and passport control. If the traveler has no test for the coronavirus, he offered to be tested on arrival. The cost – 60 euros, the result no later than 24 hours. At this time, tourists will be offered to isolated in the booked rooms.

On the plane all the passengers travelling to Cyprus are obliged to be masked. Upon arrival, they are waiting for thermometry. Some will be asked to undergo a free test for coronavirus, regardless of where they came from.

Also all travellers will be required to complete a "Declaration of the traveler COVID-19". This can be done online on the website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Cyprus or at the registration desks at the departure airport. A completed copy of the Declaration will be requested prior to boarding and border control at the destination.

During your stay on the island, tourists are asked to respect the distance of two square meters on the street and three in the room. Where physical distancing is impossible, wearing face masks will be required (aircraft, airports, ports, taxis, buses, elevators).

Sun loungers on the beach, the cafe tables are put in two meters from each other. Hotel staff will wear protective mask on the face. Guests will be offered everywhere pay card and use the antiseptic.

Russia, UK, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA and Sweden is included in the group of high risk countries. However, the Cypriot authorities have promised to correct the list as changes in the epidemiological situation.

According to the forecasts of Cyprus, the island nation will again make British and Russian tourists in July. "I expect that the situation in such important countries as Britain, Russia and Sweden will allow their citizens to travel to Cyprus in early July. I'm pretty optimistic about it," said Deputy tourism Minister Savvas Perdios.