Sergey Lebedev was appointed head of the Investigative Department of MVD

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed General Sergei Lebedev as the new chief of the Investigation Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation, the corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The previous head of Department Alexander Romanov was dismissed amid a scandal around his subordinates, those arrested on charges of abuse of power, associated with businessman albert Hudojka.

"To appoint the General-the major of police Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - the head of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, relieving him from his post. To assign major-General of police Lebedev Sergey Nikolaevich special rank the General-the major of justice," - the document says.

This decree shall enter into force from the date of signing to 1 June.

According to investigators, the Deputy chief of the Investigative Department, RF interior Ministry generals Alexander Biryukov and Alexander Krakow illegally facilitated the transfer under house arrest Hudojka accused of major fraud. In the end, the developer is released from prison, and three plots of land for 2.2 billion rubles, the theft of which he is accused, withdrew the arrest.

The officers charged with the article "Abuse of authority" but not "receiving a bribe". The investigation believes that the crime fighters hoped to receive compensation after the release of businessman, but allegedly did not. Biryukov, Krakow and the investigator for particularly important cases of Aleksandr Bryantsev was arrested.

Novels, which allowed Biryukov and Krakow to pick up materials on Hudoyan from another unit, was questioned as a witness. Later by the decree of the President removed from office.