Crew Dragon delivered to the ISS a series of heavy-duty works by the artist street art

. Platinumy ship Crew Dragon delivered to the ISS a series of heavy-duty works by American artist street art Tristan Eaton, according to Artnet.

The company, Space X, Elon musk ordered it to decorate the first journey of the rocket in space. Each work is packaged in a protective case, equipped with a message from the author and the greeting to the astronauts of the ISS.

Tristan Eaton, some of whose works are in new York MOMA, has created a series of bilateral high-strength plates, using gold, bronze, and aluminum.

As a result, the representative of street art from Los Angeles joined to a very narrow circle of artists, including Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Trevor Paglen who sent their work into space.

"When the Space X team asked me to create works of art that will fly with the crew of the ship, I wanted to make something inspiring. Looking from space to the entire human race on this tiny planet, I hope they will remember our history and our potential. We still have so much ahead of you. I came up with a series of works representing the dual nature of humanity, our past and our future," he explained.

"We have many times changed the world with kindness, hope and science. I hope we can do it again," added Eaton.

The artist executed one work for each of the five astronauts, including the two that went to the ISS for Crew Dragon.

It is assumed that after three months his works will return to the Earth.

Tristan Eaton (b. in 1978) began to engage in street art as a teenager. Now his wall paintings adorned buildings around the world, including the shopping center "atrium" in Moscow.