Kuznetsova described the situation with the seizure of the children in the Orenburg region horror

Improvement of activity of bodies of guardianship and guardianship will not allow such horrors as forced the removal of four small children of large families in the Orenburg region, said the Commissioner for rights of the child in the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova.

Previously, the online resource Orenburg.media published a video of forcible seizure of three small children the woman of the house in the village of Tulip Orenburg region. The footage, first the police persuade woman give children, but when she started to drive law enforcement, kids taken by force, and the mother is handcuffed. The test was organized by the Prosecutor's office, investigating authorities and the children's Ombudsman.

"How I would like to answer once and for all that will be finally decided on perfection of activity of bodies of guardianship and guardianship and the data of the horror our family will not see... is Now considered the legitimacy of actions of the competent structures, will be also evaluated actions, and omissions of bodies of system of prevention of... These measures are at least redundant, and how much will be punished, and what degree of responsibility will face officials, will be known later," - said Kuznetsov asked by reporters about the penalties for officials who force children from the mother.

The last such cases were dot character resolution, I would like to find the system response, said the children's Ombudsman.

The police RIA Novosti reported that the children were removed to be taken to hospital for medical aid, and the woman was brought to administrative responsibility for default of duties on education of children. In turn, the investigative authorities stated that four children were removed on the basis of the decision of the head of the Dombarovsky district, issued due to the danger of the collapse of the roof of the house where the family lives.