The purity of the vote on the Constitution question will not, said Kosachev

Suggestions on conducting a nationwide poll on the Constitution, the readiness of the infrastructure, the participation of observers says that there will be no doubt in the purity of the procedures, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday at a meeting with members of the working group on the proposal of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation has set the date for a vote on amendments to the main law of the country - 1 July.

"This decision concerns the most important question in life. There is a strong belief that the sanitary-epidemiological situation will allow to vote", - said Kosachev, the TV channel "Russia 24". The voting procedure will not pose a threat to the health of citizens, he added.

The head of the Committee noted that the proposed order of organization of voting, the readiness of the infrastructure, the participation of observers says that "there is no doubt about the purity of procedures."

According to the Senator, the citizens understand the contents of the list of amendments to the Constitution, for which they proposed to vote, he determined their attitude to them. In addition, the Russians would have another 30 days to examine the document he added.

"Date for voting is absolutely clean legally. Changes to the Constitution aimed at protecting national interests of our country, protecting the interests of our citizens," - said the MP.

Among the amendments to the Constitution Kosachev highlighted the priority of national law over international.