Member OP the head FSNC initiate mass action against Twitter

The head of the Public chamber Commission on development of information community, media and mass communications, President of the Foundation to protect national values Alexander Malkevich will initiate a massive lawsuit against the social network Twitter, he said this to RIA Novosti.

In his Telegram channel member OP the Russian Federation also recalled that "from the illegal and unreasonable actions Twitter" suffered by many users of the social network.

"Hundreds of thousands of users around the world "just so" removed accounts with a lot of subscribers and publications. Because the blocking of Twitter all "inconvenient" is catastrophically massive, the Fund for the protection of national values made the decision to become a centre for collecting information about all victims. After we get the necessary material, the contract will be concluded with the best American lawyers in the representation of our interests. And the first step is filing a massive lawsuit against Twitter from all those who suffered from the illegal actions of this social network," wrote Malkevich in the telegram.

Twitter has previously blocked accounts of Russian users. There was, for example, in the past restricted access to accounts of Rossotrudnichestvo project "Good news" and is from the accounts of the RT and news Agency Sputnik.