The Norwegians found under the floor of artifacts from the Viking era

. The couple discovered during the renovation of their home in the suburbs Bode in Northern Norway, a glass bead and an iron axe of the Viking times, according to local newspaper The Local.

Presumably the age of the finds is a thousand years.

The owners of the house, which was built in 1914, began repairs on the quarantine by removing the floor. In the process, they came across a strange object.

"At first we thought that he had found a wheel from a small toy cars — shared Marianne Christiansen. Only later we realized that it is."

Archaeologist Martinus Hauglid, who arrived at the facility, explained that the couple, apparently, stumbled upon a burial of the Bronze age or Viking age.

"The artifacts were discovered under rocks that are shaped like a pyramid. Among the curious objects: an ax, which may relate to the period from 950 to 1050 ad, and a bead of dark blue glass, the same time," he said.

He said that he never heard that such burial was found directly below modern houses, while engaged in excavations for almost 30 years.

"They did a great job: immediately reported the find as soon as I suspect that it may be something ancient", — he commented on the actions of Kristianstad.

In Norway there is a law according to which all objects, from the XVI century and older, subject to mandatory conservation.

Bead and the axe is sent to the University Museum in tromsø, and a team of archaeologists continues to work in the house.