Police have confirmed the detention of the man who threatened to blow up a bridge in Kiev

The patrol police of Ukraine confirmed the detention of the man who threatened to blow up the Metro bridge in Kiev.

Earlier a press-service KP "Kiev underground" reported that the police look for explosives on the Metro bridge, part of the red metro line is not working. Later, the press service to edit the message, adding that the trains run over the branch "technical reasons". Police blocked traffic on the metro bridge, began operation. Later, the Ukrainian TV channel "Direct" reported that militiamen detained the man who threatened to blow up the bridge Underground.

"The man who said that he has explosives and threatened to blow up a bridge Underground, were detained", - is spoken in the message of the patrol police in Facebook.

However, the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Evgeny Terekhov said that the attacker surrendered to the police. "After negotiations, the miners surrendered to the police. Conducted investigative actions", - Terekhov wrote on his page in Facebook.

Terekhov has published on his page in Facebook photo of the alleged the miner of the bridge. The photo shows a guy standing on the pedestrian part of the bridge Underground. He is dressed in dark pants and a jacket that contains a medical mask. Next to him is a carton of medium size, from the package out presumably the cable with the remote that keeps the offender.

In September 2019, the police conducted a special operation, during which arrested a man who threatened to blow up the bridge "Metro" in Kiev. At the time of the special operation traffic on the bridge across the Dnieper river, and trains on three branches of the subway has been stopped. The press-Secretary of police of Kiev Oksana Blischik reported that the detained explosives have not found. According to police, the man surrendered himself. A criminal case under article "terrorist attack". The detainee faces a sentence of up to life imprisonment. Later the police in Kiev said that the man will never be accused of preparing a terrorist attack, he is suspected of disorderly conduct and false report about mining.