Mironov invited Putin to abolish HIF

The leader "Fair Russia" Sergey Mironov sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to liquidate the Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) and to transfer the CPS to the subordination of the Ministry of health, the press service of the SRS.

As explained, Mironov, the President proposed a package of measures aimed at changing the system of Russian health care in light of the pandemic coronavirus.

In addition, Mironov advocated the subordination of the Ministry of health sanitary-epidemiological service with the introduction of the post of first Deputy Minister of health - chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation.

According to the leader of the CP, the Ministry of health of Russia are concentrated the functions of normative legal regulation, and money and the vertical control features of the HIF.

"The direct chain of command between the Federal Executive authorities and regional healthcare institutions is not available. This fact and the fact that surveillance is part of the CPS and does not depend on the Ministry of health of Russia currently have led to the inability to provide citizens with a full routine medical care. While the CPS uses the capacity of the health system in order to combat the coronavirus, often pureprofile medical organization, throwing to the forefront of the fight against infection unprepared for this health workers" - says Mironov, quoted by the press service of the CP.