In Krasnodar, the police checks the message about "coronafaciens"

The police of Krasnodar checks caught on video the story of a party thrown at a bar in the city centre, despite the limitations due to the coronavirus, reported RIA Novosti, the interior Ministry in Krasnodar Krai.

One of the local Telegram-channels of distributed video with a party thrown, as follows from the description to the video, one of the institutions of the city "first summer night".

The head of Krasnodar Evgeny Pervushov the meeting at city hall instructed to take against the violators of the restrictive measures "quite severe measures".

"The case again at the weekend not far from here is the bar... I ask you to understand. Posted in network this information. The boys made a false start, threw a party, themselves and even Popurri. Of course, a blatant case. Along with the fact that all, without exception, are consciously, owners of cafes, restaurants, bars. And it is a huge gratitude that they now operate in the mode of external trade. Such parties, they give your fingerprint," - are his words in the Telegram-channel hall.

Two weeks ago, police announced the test video with a party in one of clubs of Krasnodar, where young people danced and smoked hookah.

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