Cases of the coronavirus Belgian Prince broke the quarantine

Cases of coronavirus in late may during a trip to Spain 28-year-old Belgian Prince Joachim admitted that he did not comply with the necessary measures of isolation and expressed a willingness to be punished, said on Monday the Belgian TV channel RTBF.

According to Spanish media, the nephew of king Philippe of the Belgians and son of Princess Astrid Prince Joachim on may 24, went to Madrid for a training internship. But the same day went by train to Cordoba (Andalucia), may 26, took part in a party with friends and family members. Just the celebration was attended by 27 people. The next day Joachim felt the symptoms of the coronavirus on may 28 and got a positive test COVID-19.

As stated on the website of the TV channel RTBF, in a statement through his lawyer last Sunday statement, the Joachim "apologized for the failure to comply with isolation measures in Spain, expressed his sincere regret and willingness to accept all the consequences".

Spain in the framework of the lifting of the isolation of recently allowed for private meetings of up to 15 people. However, the government of Andalusia has recorded a violation in the number of participants at the festival, which was attended by Prince Joachim. The corresponding letter of violation was sent to the competent structure. In addition, as reported, the Spaniards suffered one of the most brutal outbreaks of coronavirus in Europe also reacted negatively to irresponsible behavior of the Belgian Prince.

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