Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue to liaise to combat COVID-19

Military doctors of Russia and Italy will continue its contacts and exchange of experience in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, said Italian Ambassador in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano.

"In the early days of an emergency situation related to the coronavirus, spontaneous, immediate cooperation exists between the Italian and Russian research institutions," said Terracciano online briefing, organized by MIA "Russia today".

He noted that the presence of the sanitary mission of military doctors from Russia in the Lombardy region allowed to establish in this area a serious cooperation and exchange of experience.

"Military doctors of the two countries agreed to continue such contacts and exchange experiences on clinical work with patients," - said the diplomat.

From 22 to 25 March arrive in Italy 15 aircraft videoconferencing with military doctors and specialists of the Ministry of defense in the field of epidemiology. They brought to the Apennines, eight medical and nursing brigades to combat the coronavirus, as well as equipment to diagnose and disinfection measures, 104 Russian military expert, of which 32 physicians, arrived in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy. Later, two more Russian sides with necessary materials landed in Bergamo and Verona.

Specialists from Russia have carried out disinfection of the nursing homes in about 100 localities of Lombardy. Processed 119 buildings and structures, more than 1.2 million square meters of indoor facilities and more than 450 thousand square meters of paved road. In addition, during the work of Russian physicians in the field hospital at Bergamo, he took on the treatment of 112 patients, 76 of them recovered and discharged.

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