Export the flight from Miami arrived in St. Petersburg

The plane c of the Russians arrived from Miami at the airport "Pulkovo" in St. Petersburg, follows from the data of the online scoreboard airport.

According to them, the flight of the airline Aeroflot SU111 Miami - St. Petersburg - Moscow landed in Pulkovo at 11.02 GMT.

As reports a press-service of administration of the Governor of Petersburg, Pulkovo will be 66 passengers on this flight - the residents of St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and neighboring regions. Remaining on Board 280 people will fly to Sheremetyevo.

Immediately after arrival at the airport "Pulkovo" passengers will be examined by the doctors will carry out medical tests for coronavirus infection and will issue an official order of the chief sanitary doctor of St. Petersburg about the need for 14-day isolation. Then flew pass passport control and closed for the other corridors into the baggage claim area, which is mandatory disinfection. Then, accompanied by the crews of the traffic police on the special buses to go home or to the place of isolation. Nonresident and those Petersburgers who have no ability to provide the isolation at the place of residence, will be sent to the Observatory in the Resort area. Currently there are around 280 people.

For two months the Pulkovo airport took about 35 flights export more than 10 countries. Only through the "Pulkovo" has returned about 3,000 residents.

Russia on the background of the pandemic coronavirus as of March 27, stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries. With the exception of export routes, as well as the cargo, postal, health and humanitarian flights, stretches of empty planes to maintenance, transit flights with a landing to refuel (crew change) on the territory of the Russian Federation and the flights carried out by separate decisions of the government of the Russian Federation.

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