A scientist from Iran Sirus Asgari will be home soon

Iranian scientist Cyrus Asgari, who was involved in the exchange of prisoners between Washington and Tehran must return home soon, said the official representative of Iranian foreign Minister Abbas Mousavi.

"If you do not have any problems, Cyrus Asgari will return to the country in the coming days", - quotes Agency Tasnim words Mousavi.

Asghari was arrested in the US in 2017 for charges of violating us sanctions against Iran. Despite the fact that the court in the US met Asgari, his still held in immigration jail under the pretext that his visa had expired during the process, and Asgari allegedly turned out to be an illegal migrant in the United States. Asgari said that he is willing to buy a ticket home, but it is still not released.

It is assumed that Iran could release the American of Michael white, who had contracted the coronavirus in the Iranian prison, and was paroled at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran.