The court in Moscow declared bankrupt the major shareholder of "Rosgosstrakh"

The Moscow arbitration court under the statement of the Moscow OOO "Klassik" was declared bankrupt OOO "RGS holding", the major shareholder of one of the leading Russian insurers - "Rosgosstrakh" of the operative part of the judgment.

Company "RGS holding", which as of February belonged to 49,32% of shares of PJSC IC "Rosgosstrakh", declared bankrupt on the simplified procedure of the liquidated debtor. In this case, the court opens bankruptcy proceedings, bypassing the stage of observation.

The court included more than 1.4 billion rubles of the debt to the claimant, including more than 1 billion rubles of principal debt, in the register of requirements of creditors "CSG Holding". The bankruptcy Trustee approved debtor Igor Sharuhen. Its report the court appointed on 19 November.

The bankruptcy petition was received at the court on 9 April. The grounds of the debt in the card case until instructed.

However, from the court records it is known that the Moscow arbitration court in January sought to "CSG holdings" in favor of Klassik, OOO more than 1.4 billion rubles of debt under the loan agreement dated 21 June 2017. Claims under the loan passed to the plaintiff from a Cyprus company Otkritie Investments Cyprus Limited (OICL), controlled by the "Discovery Holding", at that moment the main shareholder of the Bank "Opening". In turn OICL got them from the original creditor - Cypriot Forcar Holdings Limited. The decision of the court of first instance was not appealed against and entered into legal force.

Major shareholders "Rosgosstrakh" as the Feb was the Bank "FC Opening" with a share 50,12% and "CSG holding" with the share of 49,32%. According to the Central Bank, the Bank "FC Opening" owns 100% of shares of LLC "RGS holding".