In Lebanon eased restrictions on coronavirus

The Lebanese authorities since June, has decided to shorten the curfew time, setting its boundaries from midnight until five in the morning Monday in the regular mode started to work with all state agencies.

According to the statement, the interior Ministry of Lebanon, with the reduction of the time of the curfew will be allowed to increase the working time of private enterprises, including shops, cafes, restaurants and hairdressers. Officially opened its doors to visitors and beach complexes, hotels and shopping centers.

The decision of the authorities postponed the opening of schools and universities until further notice from the Ministry of education. Remains in force a decree on compulsory wearing masks on the street and in transport. Continue and imposed restrictions on the movement of vehicles on odd and even license plates.

Thus, Lebanon from June 1, moved to the third stage of lifting the measures imposed within the framework of the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Transport Minister Michel Najjar on Sunday also said that the reopening of the international airport in Beirut is tentatively scheduled for June 21. At the end of the month, if the epidemiological situation will allow, can open the sea and land borders.

According to the Ministry of health of Lebanon, to date the country has registered 1191 case of infection with coronavirus. The epidemiological mode of an emergency situation, the Lebanese authorities have imposed from March 16, the last time the government decision was extended until June 7. Phased lifting of the preventive measures against coronavirus in Lebanon began with April 27.

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