In Crimea urged to convene a meeting of the UN water supply of the Peninsula

Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and Crimea Ivan Abazher proposed to hold a special meeting at the UN on the question of resuming the supply of the Dnieper water in the Crimea, terminated unilaterally by Ukraine six years ago.

Earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya sent a letter to the UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet with calls to condemn the criminal actions of the Ukrainian authorities unilaterally blocked the supply of fresh water on the Peninsula, and to take measures for the resumption of the Dnieper water supply in the North-Crimean channel.

"The issue of water blockade of the Crimea is of a humanitarian nature. Kiev authorities in fact attempted physical destruction of the inhabitants of the Peninsula. Speczadanie call to convene the UN on this issue and to provide exposure to Ukraine in terms of restoring water flow in the North-Crimean channel. Crimean community members willing to participate in this meeting, and to justify the essence of the criminal policy of the Ukrainian authorities concerning the Crimean people," said Abazher.

According to him, the overlap of the Dnieper water supply in Crimea – barbaric solution which is unacceptable and blasphemous in a modern civilized world.

"We would look at how would the Europeans react if one of the countries of the European Union has blocked the course of the Danube river, depriving other aquatic resources. The Dnieper river originates in the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and now, through which the river flows, blocking of unauthorized supply of water to the Crimea", - said Abazher.

The main source of fresh water to Crimea is the North Crimean canal of the Dnieper river, provides 85% of the needs of people in clean and safe drinking water. However, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia water flow through the channel in the Republic was completely stopped unilaterally.