The date of new elections of the President of Poland will be appointed in 14 days

The resolution of the State electoral Commission on recognizing the elections of the President of Poland on may 10 failed officially published in a special edition of the Dziennik Ustaw.

This means that the speaker of the lower house of the Parliament (Seimas) is obliged to appoint a new date for elections within 14 days.

Gorizbirkom issued a ruling to declare the election invalid a few weeks ago, but the document was not published officially, and therefore was not considered in force.

According to the opposition, the ruling party of Poland "law and justice" (PiS) delayed the date for a new vote.

The opposition threatened to appeal to the Prosecutor about this.

Political disputes led to the fact that the Polish authorities did not have time to prepare for the elections in the new environment, during an outbreak of the coronavirus. The ruling party "law and justice", as well as loyal to her party "Consent" has decided not to hold presidential elections on may 10 as previously scheduled.

The powers of the incumbent President Andrzej Duda expire on August 6, and to prevent violations of the Constitution, elections should be held no later than 28 June. In order to hold new elections, the Parliament, controlled by PiS, adopted amendments to the legislation. Currently the document is in the upper house of Parliament (the Senate), which is controlled by the opposition. The Senate can consider it for 30 days, until June 12, and while not responding to calls to expedite the work.