In the Crimea in the North-Crimean channel lost child

Rescue workers and volunteers are searching a six year old child in the Leninsky district of the Crimea, near the North-Crimean channel, said the press service of the regional emergencies Ministry.

The message that in the North-Crimean canal, near the village of Lenino in the Crimea lost baby 2014 year of birth, was admitted to emergency at 0.40 MSK, the Ministry reported.

"All the rescue activities involved 55 people and 14 pieces of equipment," - said the Agency.

In search of the child take part in the 18-th of firefighting and rescue part of the 3rd fire-rescue detachment of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Crimea and Schelkinskaya inspection of the site of the state inspection of small size vessels. To carrying out search involved in volunteer search and rescue unit "Lisa Alert", veterans of the Afghan war and foresters. Place search work directed by the diving group special marine detachment Kerch, the Ministry reported.

The main investigation Department of the Russian IC in the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol brought criminal case on the fact obscure the disappearance of six year old child in the Leninsky district (the item "in" parts of 2 articles 105 of the criminal code).

Investigators established the circumstances under which the child was gone. Day 31 may the girl together with his father and his buddies went fishing. The adults started drinking alcohol and left the child unattended. Later, on the disappearance of the granddaughter in law enforcement authorities told her grandmother.

The section of the North-Crimean channel in the Leninsky district of the Crimea used to supply water to the Eastern part of the Peninsula (Kerch, Feodosia and other settlements).