The study showed, who want to become Russian students

Russian students wish to become doctors, Directors and teachers, to be at the disposal of RIA Novosti research development Fund of culture and cinematography "Country".

The study is based on data 4173 anonymous surveys of students in grades 7-11. The survey took place during the "Motivating digital lessons" with a screening of the film "Profession of the future", which took place in Russian schools from October 2019 to March 2020. The project involved 1654 schools and more than 28 thousand students in 70 regions of the Russian Federation.

Fourth place in the ranking of the professions shared the law and the profession of programmer - 6%. 3% of respondents want to become soldiers and athletes, and 2.5% are entrepreneurs, and 2.3% of chefs or confectioners. In addition, Russian students are attracted to specialty workers (mechanics and welders), the sphere of emergency situations, Ministry of buiti services, Finance, architecture, journalism and science. About 26% of respondents said they don't know who I want to be.

Some of the questions in the questionnaires were aimed at identifying plans for the future. About 35% of respondents admitted that while they have no dreams, 12% answered that they want to be happy and successful. Another 14% want to pass the exam and cope with exams, 13% - dream about material things (e.g., buy a car, a house or have much money) and 5% on travel, and 7% want to leave the country (1% - USA and 0.4% in South Korea). "And finally, 14% had written specific dreams related to what I want to be someone or create something. For example, to become an entrepreneur, open a business, become a doctor, to save lives, to make a scientific discovery, to learn the programming languages to create a project that will help other people", - the document says.

The most important priorities in life students called family, in the second place they put the health, and on the third the opportunity to have fun. Among other values, the students were called love, success, money. Last in this list was public recognition.