In the state Duma has proposed to allow right to retake the relevant exam

Applicants may be eligible to re-take the mandatory exam and elective subjects in the same year, the state Duma is working on the relevant bill, told RIA Novosti member of the Committee of the lower house of Parliament on state construction and legislation, the author of the idea Yevgeny Marchenko ("United Russia").

He explained that now to retake in the same year, only mandatory exam - Russian and mathematics, as core subjects that the student chooses their own, you can retake it the next year.

"My colleagues and I are now discussing the idea of giving the chance to retake the exam (this year - ed.) not only the exam in the basic subjects, but also on the profile. After all, if a child failed a core history, English or literature, this year for him at all its interesting departments will be closed. And he, for example, from childhood dreams to be an economist, lawyer, historian or journalist. We believe it is unfair ... There for them at such a tragedy when they don't pass, I just saw how they suffer for it. Why? What gave it away?" - said Marchenko.

Besides, some students can call in the army for one year while they wait to retake the exam, he said.

According to the authors of the bill, retake all of the exam should occur in the summer of that year, before the deadline of submission of documents to the universities that the applicant had to postpone the admission for the next year.

"Use equate for the entrance exams to College, which was before the introduction of the unified state exam. But then you, for example, could apply for the entrance exam in one University, but in several. In one fell and the other went and passed - you could at several universities for an undergraduate degree. And then, it turns out, once you filled up, you never know what he's nervous, and you close for the season in General all roads. It's not fair? Give another try during summer time so people have time to act," - said Marchenko.

Questions retake of the exam are determined by orders of Rosobrnadzor, but the authors of the bill believe that regulate the important issue of departmental orders wrong. They plan to write a separate Federal law and to make changes in FZ "About education in Russian Federation" for the implementation of this initiative.

"When Sergey Kravtsov year ago, we were the faction, he was then head of Rosobrnadzor, we discussed this topic, the opportunity to retake the relevant exam, me and my colleagues are very many supported, was supported by all, because all such problems are someone's grandchildren, someone's children", - said Marchenko.

The bill is planned to submit to the state Duma before the exam in 2020, but the initiative had to be postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus. Now the project is under development, its introduction is scheduled for the autumn session of the 2020, but the possibility of making to the end of the spring session this year, Marchenko does not exclude.