Experts explain when to acquaint the child with a Bank card

To make the child a Bank card as soon as possible, it is necessary to control it the first spending and work with him to learn a lot, told RIA Novosti the project experts of the Ministry of Finance of Russia to improve the level of financial literacy.

According to him, if the parents have the opportunity to apply for a Bank card for a child in addition to your account, it is better to do it as early as possible. If the child was 14 years old, in this age, a teenager can already work and earn a salary, the issue of opening the card disappears by itself.

"Bad, if he at this age first. For now, banking services are quite affordable. Almost all of them can easily be made online. Many smartphones offer to tie the card to its payment system and one touch to pay for purchases or transfer money to other people. Thus, if you planned to acquaint the child with rules for the treatment of a Bank card from 6 years to 14 years he has formed literacy skills and safe handling of it," - said Losing.

Expert on financial literacy, the candidate of pedagogical Sciences Tetyana Paradise believes that if the parents decided to take up the financial education of the child and to allow him access to money to help him and control his first spending. "Discuss with your child the cost, interest, where he spent the money, do so gently. For example, you may be interested in – whether it is tasty feed in the school cafeteria and check-voiced teenager a menu posted on the school website" she said.

Candidate of economic Sciences, expert of the national center for financial literacy Olga Chubur, noted that the older the child becomes, the more opportunities open in front of him on the market. "Educating your children, we parents do learn a lot. Not all will become financial magnates, but everyone will have to manage your income and expenses. Skills acquired in childhood will help to hone a lifetime, and will allow to avoid many mistakes," she concluded.