Cords made fun of artists who have requested assistance

Musician Sergey Shnurov wrote on instagram ironic poem for the artists who turned for help to the state.

Earlier the newspaper "Sobesednik", citing data from the FTS said that a number of Russian celebrities have applied to receive payments in the amount of one minimum wage per employee. So, approval for payments received Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov, as well as Regina Todorenko.

Cords, in particular, proposed to introduce the use of the adverb meaning "to be in an enclosed space without a means of livelihood".

"Everyone hid in their nests

And the nobles and the people," poetically described Cords current forced-isolation. Using an ambiguous play of words, he pointed out that in these conditions, "hungry all the stars were" forced to ask for aid.

Recently the Cords came into conflict with Joseph Prigogine. The producer said that due to the cancellation of performances of artists, especially the young, are struggling. Cords published poems, which called Prigogine circus patron. Then, the producer, the musician wrote several messages in which he called the opponent "mrazenysh" and used profanity.